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Your SELf-Care As Foundational

Are you ready for someone to help you prioritize your well-being?

To put you front and center finally. So you're not running on fumes any longer.

Simply because you're human and deserve it!

And you can experience the health, happiness, and harmony you deserve and crave.

And in turn, you naturally are better able to transform the connections you make with students, families, and colleagues.

And you have the inner calm necessary to handle the emotional demands involved in supporting children with hard lives and significant needs. 

And still have the energy and presence to bring the best of you to your life beyond the school doors.


Hello Dear Educator!

I'm ready to help you manifest all of this and give you the support you deserve.

Why me?

Well, after about 15 years of putting myself last, I've been cultivating deep self-love and self-care since 2016, and I'm still at it, as the journey never ends. 

I'm ready to save you time, because I've already dug into all the research for you and continue to do so for the both of us. Just as I've done for myself, I'm ready to help you pair this knowledge with the deep wisdom within, so you can honor your wholeness in the ways you uniquely need. 

Let's find which support options are best for you... 

Opportunities for Support

Year-Round Educator Well-being Membership

Because you shouldn't have to do this alone, at any point in the school year, you'll get ongoing support to cultivate social emotional learning, resilience, and wellness within yourself and your school system while saving you time. Get on the waitlist and be the first to know when this launches, including getting access to Founding Member Pricing. If you're already ready to join or want info on whole school options, email [email protected]

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Inward Circle Educator SELf-Care Journey

Currently 20% Off with Code SUMMERLOVE

Self-paced 10-module course with lessons, guided meditations, quick and easy practices, and handouts that will help you nourish the whole you and bring you more of the calm, connection, confidence, and contentment you desire, plus 18 bonus guest speaker interviews, access to the 10-day SEL training series, and a library of additional handouts for SEL and SELf-care 

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Whole School Support

There are whole school options for the devotED membership and Inward Circle course, and I'm available for staff workshops, as well as coaching and consultation for educational leaders who see the value in centering educator SELf-care and would like support in expanding this work in their school. To explore the best options for your unique needs and community, let's connect!

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Gratitude Bingo for Educator Meetings

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Self-Compassion Poster and Mini Cards

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Love for Constant Love and Learning

Jen, School Counselor

Thanks for this wonderful program, Katie. You are a bright light. I love every time I see your face come on my screen! I'll always see you as my mentor, and I'm so grateful.

Arezu, SLP

I am so enjoying your program and it feels like it’s exactly what I needed to work with my life right now. In my head I was caught up with how mindfulness was supposed to look like. I was ignoring how much joy I was getting from little things. You gave us permission to honor however it looks like for us. I'm happy there are many of us here to soak up these little gems into our lifestyles. I know you're in the trenches with us and I really honor you shining the light on the path to our highest good. Thank you for being such a lovely human.

Carolyn, Executive Director of SEL

I participated in your webinar yesterday on self care and it was AMAZING, probably the most meaningful work I can remember doing in quite some time.