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Your Well-being As Foundational

Are you ready for someone to help you prioritize your self-care? To put you front and center finally. So you're not running on fumes any longer. So you actually have the energy to be fully present for your students. So you have the inner calm necessary to handle the emotional drain involved in teaching children with often very hard lives. 

Well, I've been musing on these topics for several years now, as I've personally had to work on my own self-care and self-love habits a lot. And I'm still practicing and refining all the time.

I'm ready to share all the tips, tricks, and tools I've learned, and continue to learn, through my own well-being journey. I'm ready to get you thinking and taking action on honoring your needs, so you can best serve those kiddos you care so deeply about.

Nurturing Your Students' Well-being

I'm hoping you're (getting) on board with focusing on your own well-being. And I also know you're here for the kids. So I'm guessing you might also want to read tips about child development and well-being too! I'll bring you my ever-growing knowledge of the research, insights gained from supporting hundreds of educators in their work over the past 10 years, and deep awareness developed from being a mother to two highly sensitive, very different children. Sound good? 

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Free Educator Healing Circle

Come join come a community of fellow educators and be led in various well-being practices. This will include opportunities to feel into the feelings as space is held for you, connect in community, and engage in some simple tools that you can take with you into the rest of your school year and beyond.

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Stories with Positive Feelings

I am so enjoying your program and it feels like it’s exactly what I needed to work with my life right now. In my head I was caught up with how mindfulness was supposed to look like. I was ignoring how much joy I was getting from little things. You gave us permission to honor however it looks like for us. I'm happy there are many of us here to soak up these little gems into our lifestyles. I know you're in the trenches with us and I really honor you shining the light on the path to our highest good. Thank you for being such a lovely human.

Speech Language Pathologist


Speech Language Pathologist


I participated in your webinar yesterday on self care and it was AMAZING, probably the most meaningful work I can remember doing in quite some time.

Thanks for this wonderful program, Katie.  You are a bright light.  I love every time I see your face come on my screen!

School Counselor


School Counselor


Katie is insightful and honest in a way that totally disarms you. She says it like it is with such courageous vulnerability, it always makes me feel more courageous too- like it’s safer to be me, really me. Anyone who gets to work with her would be lucky to do so. You are in good hands and I celebrate your choice in receiving her support.

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