Ready for Some Powerful Healing & Transformation?
Come join us and tap into the magical power of breathwork!

Constant Love & Breathing

 Breathwork for Educators, Caregivers, and Other Changemakers 
Ready for Some Powerful Healing & Transformation?
You're only 1 breath away from more of the well-being you desire...

Constant Love & Breathing

 Breathwork for Educators, Caregivers, and Other Changemakers 

What is Breathwork? 

Breathwork is a powerful body-based practice where we use Conscious Constant Breath to tap into the intelligence contained within our system in order to release stress and what's no longer serving you, attune to the messages from your body, transform your relationship with self and others, and reclaim your health and wholeness.

Turn off your mind and let your body do its magic.


Conscious Constant Connected Breath


Some Common Benefits of Breathwork

  • Experience immediate stress reduction & anxiety relief
  • Connect with your emotions & change your response to them
  • Revitalize your organs and release toxins from your body
  • Gain better access to your intuition, higher self, and source
  • Increase your energy & mental clarity
  • Tone the vagus nerve & improve your heart rate variability and overall health
  • Release trauma & tension that have been stuck in your system
  • Cultivate a physiological pathway to a felt sense of safety & widen your window of tolerance

"So grateful to have found Breathwork with Katie. I've never done hour-long sessions devoted only to guided Breathwork before and I feel like I've been missing out on it all my life! These sessions have felt like such a safe and sacred time to devote to feeling, breathing, moving energy. It's pretty powerful how much can be felt through an hour of laying and breathing with Katie! So grateful for her intuition and guiding presence!"

"I found focusing on my breath empowering and restorative. Katie was great at not only navigating this process but also not dominating it. So I could fully be in the moment and activity. Yet, I still felt held."

"I loved everything...from checking in to make sure that my pre-stated intention was still alive for me... to formulating a mantra together based on my stated intention... to the music selections... to Katie's soothing voice... to Katie's consent-focused guidance throughout... just everything! Katie is an amazing facilitator!"

Upcoming Breathwork Dates

Our New Model:
Pay 1 flat monthly fee and get access to all live sessions for the month (and replays)ongoing access to a growing library of pre-recorded breathwork!

And when you join under the new model, you'll get to give your feedback on when future sessions should be!

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About Your Breathwork Facilitator

Dr. Katie Raher is the Founder and CEO of Constant Love and Learning, an award-winning teacher turned School Psychologist, a Pause Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator, a Kimochis Certified Trainer, and an advocate for human-centered, strengths-based, equity-focused schools. She helps soul-led educators and caregivers cultivate well-being and resilience within themselves, the children they serve, and their larger systems, so they can expand and sustain their impact while living their best lives, one breath, one feeling, one connection at a time.

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Included in the Membership

  • Instant & ongoing access to the growing Library of Pre-recorded Breathwork sessions - plus 1 new short pre-recorded breathwork session/month
  • (at least) 1 LIVE Stress-Relief Breathwork (30 minutes or less) session/month
  • (at least) 1 LIVE Deep Healing Breathwork (1 hour) session/month
  • Access to the replays of live sessions for 1 month (recordings will only be of the breathwork portion and focused on the facilitator's screen to ensure a sense of safety for participants during the sessions)
  • Participation in surveys regarding the monthly dates and times of live breathwork to maximize your attendance + as the membership grows, more times and providers may be provided
  • 33% off any 1-on-1 breathwork sessions 
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New to Breathwork?

If you're new to breathwork and not sure if the membership is right for you yet, email [email protected] for access to 1 free session to see how transformational breathwork lands in your body. We want you to feel safe, seen, and lovingly supported.

Want to Bring the Power of Constant Love & Breathing to Your Community?

If you are interested in investing in the membership at whole school/organization prices (to provide a support option to your staff and/or to push play on recorded sessions for staff meetings) or desire custom breathwork support for your group, please email [email protected] for more information.

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