Tools to Bring More Calm, Connection, and Contentment During Challenging Times

Let me help you and the children in your world cultivate more positive feelings and better navigate those hard-to-have feelings. 

Staying Connected & Making an Impact

Here are a few options if you'd like to stay connected and support my work, so together, we can continue to make a huge impact on kids and families!

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Free Webinar ~ Educator SELf-Care: Foundational for Squashing Stress & Increasing Impact

Learn what Educator SELf-care is, why it matters so much, and top tools to squash stress. Replays running every hour through January 25.

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New Year Feeling Reflection

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Educator Self-Care Menu

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Tools to Support YOUR Well-being

When you practice self-care, you are better able to spread care to the students, families, colleagues, and friends you love!

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Are you an Educator or Clinician Interested in Taking a SELf-Care Journey With Me?

This is a uniquely challenging school year, and being an educator hasn't exactly ever been easy. What if you had someone supporting YOU and your well-being, so you could cultivate more resilience, calm, clarity, connection, joy, and impact through it all? I'd love for you to join me for a 10-week SELf-Care journey starting the week of January 24. Early bird pricing through January 19.

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Guided Meditation and Visualization

Get comfy, get grounded, practice some mindful breathing, and be guided in a visualization to help you practice some self-compassion. I hope you enjoy "hanging out with me" for 11:03 minutes and find some more calm and connection.

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Anti-Racism Resources

I've consolidated several resources to help all of us support children and families, to help with our own learning, and to help us take action to create social justice in and out of schools.  

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Free Printables

To grab each freebie you want, just click on the image. If you'd like to receive my content on a regular basis and support my work, scroll on up for some options to subscribe and pay for low-cost resources. Thanks for being here and supporting kids with these tools!

More Social Emotional Learning Tools ~ with Kimochis®

As a Kimochis® Certified Trainer, I'd love to help you with tools to support the social and emotional learning (SEL) of your students, so you can create more connected, confident, and compassionate kids during Coronavirus times and beyond. 

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Kimochis Lessons for Coronavirus Times

Come see all the Kimochis video lessons I've been making for littles, bigs, and staff on my Constant Love and Learning YouTube channel.  

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10-Day Mini SEL Training Series

In about 10 minutes a day for 10 days (or all in 1 sitting), you'll learn about SEL and the Kimochis Keys to Communication. No materials required.

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Elementary Kimochis Kickoff On-Demand Course

Learn how to use all of the core components of the Kimochis SEL Elementary curriculum. Kimochis Elementary Tool Kit required.

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Head to the Kimochis Website for More Free Resources

Free feelings posters in over 20 languages, many other free printables, and access to lessons for top challenging behaviors.

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