Tools to Bring More Calm and Connection During Chaos

Let me help you and the children in your world cultivate more positive feelings and better manage any hard-to-have feelings with some resources I've created in the past and just developed to help during these challenging times. 

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[JUST ADDED] Free to Use with Kids: Feeling Reflection
Free to Share with Kids: At-Home Bingo for Calm and Connection
Free for Anyone: Self-Compassion Poster & Cards
Free for You: Educator Self-Care Menu
Free Virtual Event 4/10/20: Educator Well-being Support for More Calm and Connection Amidst Chaos
Mini Social and Emotional Learning Training Series
Use 50% Off Coupon Code: CONNECTION
Elementary Kimochis On-Demand Course
Use 50% Off Coupon Code: CONNECTION
Are You an Educator Interested in Taking a Self-Care Journey with Me?

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