There are a lot of big feelings at schools.

For your students and you.


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You became an educator because you’ve always loved kids and school.

You want to make a huge impact... change lives...create more equity and kindness in this world. 

You work so hard to reach every single one of your kiddos. And you are making an impact. 

Now, you knew there'd be challenges in this work. And that your students would have a lot of needs. But, are the challenges and needs, and all the feelings that go along with them, even bigger than you imagined?  

Do you ever FEEL…

Frustrated by behavior challenges and conflicts throughout social and academic moments in your day?

Worried about your students' big feelings that lead to meanness, exclusion, withdrawal, work refusal, and more?

Discouraged that students often don't know what to say or do to independently resolve conflict with respect, resilience, and responsibility?

Puzzled by what's going on with some students having a hard time?

Overwhelmed by the work taking so many more hours and far more emotional energy than you ever imagined?

Yeah, we've all been there! 

Being an educator is HARD.

So much to do. Never enough time. Not enough support. Systemic problems in society and in the field.

And we all know no one got into this field for the pay.

Now, being a kid is no walk in the park either. Of course your students have big feelings.

Their brains are far from being fully developed. Far too many have experienced, or continue to experience, trauma. Navigating friendships or just getting along with any peers can be tough.  Not to mention that academics can be quite challenging for many. The list could go on and on.

It really is quite messy. 

You want someone to...

Help you unpack all the research on child development and well-being so you can better understand your students and their big feelings.

Teach you some effective tools that will decrease behavior challenges, and increase the compassion, connection, courage, confidence, clarity, and calm in your classroom.

Guide you in thinking about the problems you face and effective solutions in a way that is actually individualized to you and your group of students.

Advocate for you and say, "You matter too. What do you need? How can we honor your well-being to support you in being more successful in nurturing your students' well-being and learning?"

Well, you're in the right place!

Together, we can generate more well-being and more growth.

For your students and you.

So hopefully now that you found me and Constant Love and Learning, you'll get some new ideas that will make your work feel a little less flooded with frustrated and other hard-to-have feelings, and built up with more fulfillment and other positive feelings. 

Just like you, I’ve always loved kids, and I'm super passionate about making a huge impact on their lives. And I believe that one of the best ways I can make that impact is by supporting YOU! 

I’m here to help you...

  • Prioritize your own self-care, so that you can better meet the demands of this busy, challenging work of yours!
  • Learn powerful social and emotional learning tools that can create compassionate and connected kiddos, improve behavior and attitudes, and even make the time you spend teaching academics as meaningful and beneficial as possible
  • Reflect on all the layers of the problems you're facing in your work, and collaboratively construct creative, systematic, and effective solutions that build on your, your students', and your school's unique needs and strengths

I've been in your shoes. Being in the classroom had its share of joys, but dang, was it rough sometimes!

I know first hand how frustrating it is to struggle with major behavior challenges and meeting the needs of all students (and then go home to do the same with your own kids)... and also how empowering it feels to gain knowledge, learn tools, and develop skills that are game changers for kiddos.

I also know how exhausting it is to work in a way that seems non-stop, day in and day out, to the point of feeling like your physical and mental health are falling apart.... and how fulfilling it feels to finally start focusing on your own self-care and, in turn, seeing far more massive benefits with students (and even your own kids).

Let me tell you more about how I got here...

Read more about my story

Stories with Positive Feelings

It’s been such a blessing to hear Katie’s story and see how she’s applied the knowledge in a gentle way to help guide others along the same path.  She’s helped me take some control back and set boundaries in ways I wasn't aware of before. 

Dr. Raher is awesome and very supportive. She always makes time to support me and dedicates herself to the well-being of providers like myself. Others have to try her program. It will definitely change how they feel about themselves and how valuable it is to take care of ourselves in order for us to take care of the children in our care.





Katie is insightful and honest in a way that totally disarms you. She says it like it is with such courageous vulnerability, it always makes me feel more courageous too- like it’s safer to be me, really me. Anyone who gets to work with her would be lucky to do so. You are in good hands and I celebrate your choice in receiving her support.

The training was relevant, useful, meaningful, and easy to follow. I almost always have a suggestion for every trainer I’ve ever had throughout my whole career. Today my only suggestion for you Katie...Keep on being YOU!

K-5 Intervention Teacher


K-5 Intervention Teacher


A must see and go! I loved learning how to use tools with all students and how to adapt. And I loved how Katie tied it in with academic gains. I want to invite my own daughter’s principal and counselor to the next training!

Elementary Principal


Elementary Principal


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