There are a lot of big feelings at schools.


For students and educators.


I am here to help!





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Are you a deeply passionate educator or educational change agent

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within yourself, your students, and your school system,

so you can

sustainably increase impact

without sacrificing your health, happiness, and wholeness?


You are in the right place!

The need for honoring wholeness is more evident than ever.

Pre-pandemic, 73% of teachers said they “often” find their work stressful, with 58% reporting a decline in mental health from teaching, and more than 1 in 5 teachers leaving within the first 5 years of teaching.

During the pandemic, 27% of teachers said their mental health worsened, and 52% of teachers said it made them likely to leave the profession. Given that it costs around $20,000 to onboard new hires, ignoring educator well-being is a cost we can't afford.

When educational leaders were asked to share emotions most recently experienced during the pandemic, 95% were hard-to-have.

Anxious, overwhelmed, sad, stressed, frustrated, uncertain, and worried were the norm.

Students, especially females and children of color, have reported high levels of stress and pressure too, with home and school challenges not being new, and the negative effects of frequent teacher turnover and stressed out teachers being significant.

The struggles are real, the feelings are valid, and there is a need to hold space for it all.

AND we know there’s tremendous capacity for healing, resilience, and transformational growth.

Opportunities to cultivate compassion, connection, courage, creativity, confidence, and calm.

Hope, optimism, joy, and inner peace.

And significant and sustainable impact.

That's why you're here.

That’s why Constant Love and Learning is here!

Are you ready to fully tap into the strengths and wisdom within yourself, your students, and your school... and be supported in the process?

let's cultivate love & learning together

Whole Child

Be equipped with understanding of how to use the Kimochis® social emotional learning tools in intentional and integrated ways throughout the school day, as well as fun and easy resources, to create connected, confident, compassionate kids who find more success and well-being in school and life.


Whole Educator

Be supported in more deeply knowing your whole self, integrating sustainable and individualized SELf-care practices into your daily life, and feeling connected and supported, so you can reduce stress and reclaim your time, energy, joy, and inner peace, and in turn, increase your impact.


Whole School

Be supported in strategically leveraging strengths within yourself and your colleagues and centering adult social emotional learning, resilience, and well-being practices within your system and MTSS, so you and other change agents within your school can most effectively increase impact and equity.


Who is Dr. Katie?

Just like you, I’ve always loved kids, and I'm super passionate about making a huge impact on their lives. And I founded Constant Love and Learning because I get fired up by supporting YOU, dear educator!

I’m here to help...

  • Prioritize well-being and resilience for you and your team, so that you can sustainably and most effectively meet the demands of this busy, challenging work of yours without sacrificing yourself and the personal life you desire!
  • Equip you with powerful social and emotional learning tools that can create compassionate and connected kiddos, improve behavior and attitudes, and make the time spent on academics as meaningful and beneficial as possible
  • Tap into the strengths within you and those around you, and collaboratively construct creative, systematic, practical, and effective solutions that increase your impact 

I know first hand how frustrating and exhausting it can be to struggle with meeting the needs of all around me, both in and out of the classroom. And I did sacrifice my physical and mental health for far too long, like far too many educators do. I also know how empowering it feels to gain knowledge, learn tools, and develop habits that now allow me to expand the difference I make on kids and colleagues without losing myself in the process. And I love helping other educators reclaim their right to wholeness and happiness.

Let me tell you more about how I got here...


Whole-HeartED Collective for Educator Well-being Support

Ongoing support to nurture the whole educator with social, emotional, mental. physical, spiritual, and professional well-being. Includes monthly live group coaching and community circles, as well as monthly training, resources, guided meditations, and quick and easy well-being practices that are relevant for the season of the school year. Also includes a bonus content library with a 10-module educator well-being course, over 30 handouts to support well-being, a restoration pack with a core set of meditations and quick well-being practices, and interviews with well-being experts.


Stories with Positive Feelings

Rachel, School Psychologist

It’s been such a blessing to hear Katie’s story, to see how she’s applied the knowledge in a gentle way to help guide others along the same path, and to have her share her light with us at the time when we identified a need for some specific plans/ideas. She’s helped me take control back and set boundaries in ways I wasn't aware of before. Katie made not only myself better but has helped my teammates, who feel more like family. Thank you, Katie, for getting me to this space. 

Kathy, SLP

Because of Katie, I was able to introduce the Kimochis in a succinct and effective way.  Katie’s demonstrations and guidance helped me to share the basics quickly with our entire staff (PreK-8), plus paraprofessionals and administration. I am so grateful for Katie, for giving me the tools to be brave. I truly appreciate her expertise, her style, her mission, and her genuine overall willingness to help!  I am so happy that there are people like Katie in our world!!

Dey, Teacher

Dr. Raher is awesome and very supportive. She always makes time to support me and dedicates herself to the well-being of providers like myself. Others have to try her program. It will definitely change how they feel about themselves and how valuable it is to take care of ourselves in order for us to take care of the children in our care.

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