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Your Well-being As Foundational

Are you ready for someone to help you prioritize your self-care? To put you front and center finally. So you're not running on fumes any longer. So you actually have the energy to be fully present for your students. So you have the inner calm necessary to handle the emotional drain involved in teaching children with often very hard lives. 

Well, I've been musing on these topics for several years now, as I've personally had to work on my own self-care and self-love habits a lot. And I'm still practicing and refining all the time.

I'm ready to share all the tips, tricks, and tools I've learned, and continue to learn, through my own well-being journey. I'm ready to get you thinking and taking action on honoring your needs, so you can best serve those kiddos you care so deeply about.

Nurturing Your Students' Well-being

I'm hoping you're (getting) on board with focusing on your own well-being. And I also know you're here for the kids. So I'm guessing you might also want to read tips about child development and well-being too! I'll bring you my ever-growing knowledge of the research, insights gained from supporting hundreds of educators in their work over the past 10 years, and deep awareness developed from being a mother to two highly sensitive, very different children. Sound good? 

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Stories with Positive Feelings

One of Katie’s strengths is that she can analyze a situation or problem that is happening in the classroom and match it with a potential solution that might remedy the problem. I like the way Katie is flexible and has so many different ideas and ways to work with a student or a classroom.

Katie’s ability to relate to people and working knowledge of how a child’s brain develops, combined with her warmth and nurturing personality, are her greatest strengths!

Katie is insightful and honest in a way that totally disarms you. She says it like it is with such courageous vulnerability, it always makes me feel more courageous too- like it’s safer to be me, really me. Anyone who gets to work with her would be lucky to do so. But I must advise you, there is no pretending with Katie. She will be on you and call you out the moment she smells inauthenticity. You are in good hands and I celebrate your choice in receiving her support.

The training was relevant, useful, meaningful, and easy to follow. I almost always have a suggestion for every trainer I’ve ever had throughout my whole career. Today my only suggestion for you Katie...Keep on being YOU!

K-5 Intervention Teacher


K-5 Intervention Teacher


A must see and go! I loved learning how to use tools with all students and how to adapt. And I loved how Katie tied it in with academic gains. I want to invite my own daughter’s principal and counselor to the next training!

Elementary Principal


Elementary Principal


Coaching & Consultation

You have so much knowledge and so much expertise. You are a constant learner, so you're always learning new tools. That's why you're here. 

And educating kids is complex and challenging. Maybe your normal tricks aren't working with one child, or group of children. Maybe you want to go school-wide with an intervention system and are having trouble figuring out how to integrate all the different programs you want to use or how to get everyone on the same page. Maybe you're just tired of putting out fires and slapping band-aids on problems and need an entirely new, prevention-focused, think-outside-the-box, effective plan that is customized to your unique school and situation.

How empowering would it be to have someone guiding you in organizing your thoughts, asking you questions that make you reflect about the topics in a new way, and helping you figure out what else might help? And what about having someone make sure you come up with a strategy and action plan to examine if you're getting the results you desire and where there is still room for refinement?

If so, I might be your girl. I utilize a consultee-centered consultation model to guide my coaching and consulting services. In a nutshell, that means I won't be telling you what to do, but rather we'll each bring our respective areas of expertise and strengths together to deeply understand the problem at hand and collaboratively generate a creative, customized, evidence-based approach to make things better for your work with your students and school.

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