Cultivate More Confident, Connected, and Compassionate Children with the Elementary Kimochis Curriculum!

Experience the Power of Social Emotional Learning While Having Fun!

What you really want is for your students to...

šŸ„° have fewer challenging behaviors, 

šŸ„° understand it's okay to have any feelings though never okay to be mean,

šŸ„° become able to notice and name what they’re feeling,

šŸ„° have helpful communication tools to manage their big feelings with care and kindness,

šŸ„° notice what others are feeling and respond in compassionate and inclusive ways,

šŸ„° get along with others and stay connected and kind during conflict,

šŸ„° make choices that are responsible, respectful, safe, and kind,

šŸ„° be focused and engaged during academic instruction,

šŸ„° persevere when there are challenging academic and social moments,

šŸ„° and of course have more well-being during the school day and beyond!

Although making these a reality is no easy task, the powerful Kimochis® social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum is the BEST way to help your students reach these goals!

If you're searching for your very first SEL program or looking to supplement what you already use...

Kimochis® (which means "feelings" in Japanese) 
is the most interactive, tangible, and fun SEL program out there,
and you will love learning these tools to help you transform your work with children! 

Imagine how your work will transform with Kimochis

  • Challenging behaviors like interrupting, yelling, grabbing, and unkind words and actions will be replaced as you are able to teach and coach Kimochis positive communication tools.
  • The Kimochis feeling pillows and characters will provide fun, interactive, and easy ways for your students to practice core SEL competencies during class meetings and all day long. 
  • You will have tools to more readily and deeply connect with each of your students, so every day they feel supported in becoming their best selves.
  • You will be more able to promote academic achievement because of having tools to support resiliency and focus during instructional moments.
  • You will have a common language and set of tools to collaborate with colleagues and parents to create a caring school community where ALL feel welcome and ALL belong.

Come join me for a training so you can see the biggest possible benefits with Kimochis®!

You can of course check out one of my Live Kimochis Workshops.


If the dates, time commitment, or cost don't work for you, or you'd just feel more confident if you could learn and revisit the material at your own pace, you might feel EXCITED because... 

The Elementary Kimochis® Workshop ON-DEMAND

can be done... 

whenever you want, wherever you want, and however you want!

You will learn how to use the Kimochis curriculum and materials in powerful ways, so that you feel prepared to introduce the Kimochis® program as a multidimensional prevention and intervention tool that will help to build a strong, mutually respectful, safe and inclusive classroom and school community!

Feeling CURIOUS about how this might work?

Through several pre-recorded videos, reflection prompts, and practice prompts, you will gain all of the information and tools that are typically learned in our six-hour in-person Kimochis® Elementary Workshop (and more). 

Throughout the online training sessions, I'll outline lessons and activities from the Kimochis® educator’s guide that utilize strategies from a restorative practices model, such as discussion, conferencing and circles. You'll be introduced to the Kimochis® “emotional vocabulary” that gives educators, parents and children a common language to guide positive behavior in social and academic settings. You'll see how to use the unique and compelling Kimochis® characters and feeling pillows that engage children, and keep the learning fun and interesting.

Skip the Rest of the Details. I'm Ready for Pricing!

So how exactly will this on-demand course work?

The Core Training

You will be learn how to successfully use all of the Elementary Kimochis® tools, materials, and curriculum through over 6 hours of pre-recorded videos included in the following 9 training sessions:

  1. Introduction to the Course - get prepared to maximize your success with the course
  2. The Power of the Kimochis® Program - learn about the research and power behind SEL, why feelings matter and link to behavior, and an introduction to how each of the Kimochis program components makes an impact on students' SEL development
  3. Home Run Activities with the Kimochis® Feeling Pillows - learn about important considerations while teaching about feelings, 7 helpful concepts to use while emotion coaching, and 10 interactive activities to use to support your students' development of emotional intelligence
  4. Kimochis® Characters Build Character - meet the 5 main characters, learn several strategies to introduce them and their feelings to children, learn the lessons and communication tools that they teach, see how to use the Lesson Sequence to guide your use of the curriculum guide and the SOS Guide to more immediately tackle challenging behaviors, understand the empathy advantage the characters can provide, get tips for using the characters as emotional anchors all day long, and briefly meet the extra Kimochis characters
  5. Kimochis® Keys to Communication: The KEY to Well-being - learn the lessons and emotional vocabulary for the phonics of connection - the words and the way to teach children how to communicate their feelings with care and kindness so they can get connected and heal from any disconnection that might occur, get continual practice in using the Lesson Sequence to access lessons in the curriculum guide, and discover powerful ways to think about the Keys to support students with challenging behaviors
  6. Kotowazas: Wise Wisdoms for Self-Regulation - learn about these powerful phrases that can be used all day long to coach children to develop self-regulation, play with when to use different Kotowazas, and explore the remaining feeling lessons in the Lesson Sequence
  7. Kimochis® Planning and Implementation Wrap-up - consider ways to maximize your intentional lesson planning and scheduling, learn strategies for using Kimochis as a support professional, and consider other factors to create a Kimochis room and smooth Kimochis routines
  8. Expanding Your Impact with Kimochis® - learn how to access more Kimochis materials and resources for free, discover how to use data to monitor and refine your effectiveness, discuss how to support students with special needs, explore how to integrate Kimochis with other common SEL programs, PBIS, and other parts of your schoolwide MTSS efforts, and discuss how to partner with familites to spread the impact of Kimochis in your children's lives
  9. Practice Makes Better - think about next steps, including taking care of your own feelings, having fun, practicing, and staying connected

To make sure you feel CONFIDENT in using your Kimochis®...

  • You'll have 1 Year of Access to the Course, including an opportunity to ask questions and get my responses on any of the course modules as you steadily bring the magic of Kimochis into your students' lives
  • You'll get access to a mobile app, so you can easily access the material whererever you go. If you're heading into a classroom and need a quick refresher, it's super easy to load up some support on your mobile device...and your feeling of confidence gets an easy boost!

Stories with Positive Feelings

Dr. Katie's enthusiasm and ease with presenting the information effectively and efficiently was extremely beneficial. Virtual learning and teaching is different than in-person, however, I had an awesome experience. Thank you for all of the very helpful resources -- I cannot wait to explore! 

Kathy, SLP


Kathy, SLP


The training was relevant, useful, meaningful, and easy to follow. I almost always have a suggestion for every trainer I’ve ever had throughout my whole career. My only suggestion for you Katie...Keep on being YOU!

K-5 Intervention Teacher


K-5 Intervention Teacher


A must see and go! I loved learning how to use tools with all students and how to adapt. And I loved how Katie tied it in with academic gains. I want to invite my own daughter’s principal and counselor to the next training!  

Elementary School Principal


Elementary School Principal


Super helpful! Katie is fantastic and very knowledgeable. Although I’ve done this training two times before, it all seemed new, exciting, effective, and useful! 

School Counselor


School Counselor


Loved the online course! So easy to navigate and loved going at my own pace. I learned so much!!!

Elementary Teacher


Elementary Teacher


So awesome! I learned a ton and gained tools not only for teaching and class but for me and my own family and how to deal with issues better. 

2nd Grade Teacher


2nd Grade Teacher


This training was very beneficial at any grade level!

3rd Grade Teacher


3rd Grade Teacher


I love how Katie talked about how to integrate PBIS, SEL, and all the tools we learned in the training.

School Psychologist


School Psychologist


Are you ready to create more positive feelings?

Single Payment
Payment Plans
Single User
3 monthly payments of $79
$237 in Total
*all prices in USD

  • 1 Year of Access to 9 On-Demand Sessions - covering all the same content as in our $300 full-day in-person Elementary Kimochis® Workshop and more through pre-recorded videos, and reflection and practice prompts; all sessions listed above

  • 12 Handouts - to support your learning across the on-demand sessions

  • Mobile App - to allow you to access the course anywhere you go

  • Certificate of Completion - once all sessions have been completed

  • 50%Ā Off Whole-School Mini SEL Training SeriesĀ - for up to 25 colleagues on your staff roster to learn about the power of SEL, why feelings matter, howĀ feelings and behavior are linked, and an intro to the 7 KimochisĀ® Keys to Communication so your whole school is on the same page

3 monthly payments of $990
$2970 in Total
*all prices in USD

  • 1 Year of Access to 9 On-Demand Sessions for You and Your StaffĀ -Ā covering all the same content as in our $5000 full-day in-person Elementary KimochisĀ® Group Workshop and more through pre-recorded videos, and reflection and practice prompts; all sessions listed above

  • 12 Handouts - to support your learning across the on-demand sessions

  • 1 YearĀ ofĀ Access toĀ a Mini SEL Training Series forĀ You and Your StaffĀ - so you can get all staff, including office staff, paraprofessionals, yard supervision staff, and more, using the same language to make a bigger impact on school climate ($500 value)

  • A 1-Hour Virtual Group Coaching Call through Zoom for your implementation leaders and any school staffĀ ($500 Value)Ā 

  • Certificate of CompletionĀ for all school staff - once all sessions have been completed

  • Mobile App - to allow you and your colleagues to access the course anywhere you go

How do I know if this is the right training for me?!

This is a major investment, so of course you want to make sure you're signing up for the right thing. Check out the FAQs down below. If you still have questions, let's schedule a free 15-minute call to figure out what you need and if this is going to help you reach your goals with your students!
Request a 15-minute Curiosity Call

And, who am I?

Not surprisingly, you'd like to know who you're working with, so here's a little bit about me... 

I'm Dr. Katie Raher, and I'll be your Kimochis® Certified Trainer for this online course!
Thanks to Kimochis® and my mentor and the Kimochis Education Director, Ellen Dodge, I get to teach you all these wonderful tools that will help us increase the connection and compassion in our schools.

I've been working in schools for nearly 20 years in various roles, from teacher to researcher to teacher educator to prevention-focused School Psychologist. I've spent most of my career supporting teachers with their gen ed classroom practices and occasionally doing more intensive interventions (which rarely happens since using the right kind of universal interventions and supports can be pretty amazing).

During this work, I've tried out all sorts of different SEL strategies and curricula with the classrooms and teachers I support. Then, in 2011, I found Kimochis®, which is the most fun, interactive, tangible SEL program I've ever used and has a unique and critical focus on the nonverbal parts of communicating our feelings.

I've basically been obsessed ever since.

I had the honor of becoming a Kimochis® Certified Trainer in 2016, and I've had the good fortune of sharing all my favorite Kimochis® SEL tools with people like you since then. I just love seeing how the tools transform classrooms and create confident, connected, compassionate kiddos!

I'm also the Founder of Constant Love and Learning, which is focused not only on well-being and learning for children, but also well-being and growth for educators! 

My hope is that you can feel less of the frustrated feelings and more of the fulfilled ones in your work, and even in life. 

Are you ready to learn how to use your Elementary Kimochis® Tool Kit to help with challenging behavior and big feelings, and nurture more well-being and emotional intelligence in your kids?
Yes! Sign Me Up for the Elementary KimochisĀ® Workshop On-Demand!
Still not quite ready to buy the
Elementary Kimochis® Workshop On-Demand?
And still wanting to get an introduction to Kimochis?

Then, the 10-Day SEL Training Series might be the thing for you!

You'll learn about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), why feelings matter, the relationship between feelings and behavior, and the 7 Kimochis® Keys to Communication. You'll have 1 year of access to this pre-recorded training series that includes about 10 minutes of training a day for 10 days and 2 Handouts. It can also be done in one sitting if preferred. 

No materials are required!

Sign Me Up for the 10-Day Mini SEL Training Series Sign Up My Whole School (up to 25 Users) for the 10-Day Mini SEL Training Series

Frequently Asked Questions

I feel you! I couldn't afford Kimochis® at first either. And plenty of people and schools tell me the same. Although there aren't any discounts on the Kimochis® materials (you just can't discount feelings!), this course is currently a total bargain. You're getting so many perks and so much value at a discounted rate because it's in online form. Not only that - you know how much your students need support with their feelings and behaviors, so you really can't afford not to learn some powerful social and emotional learning tools!

And I hope you do find some way to make it work. I’ve had people successfully get funding for materials and training using Title 1 funds, accessing district funds focused on school climate or intervention, involving their PTA or PFC, using low-incidence special education funds, and applying to local grants or using Donors Choose. I personally got my first Kimochis® Tool Kit and training through a local grant. You're an educator, meaning you're smart, creative, and resilient, so I'm sure you can come up with some ideas to work around this one.

If it takes a little longer to find or get funding, the course will still be here down the road. Though the price may go up in the future, the support you'll get to learn how to create more confident, connected, compassionate kids will still be worth it!

Aaaand, if you really want to start learning about Kimochis but can't make it work to get the materials and this full training yet, you might enjoy the 10-Day Mini SEL Training Series as a starter course.

If you prefer a live training for your whole staff, I'd love to discuss options and dates with you! Please email [email protected] to connect.

Yes! If the main options for payment - credit card and PayPal - don't work for you, I can accept a purchase order. Please contact me at [email protected] so that we can arrange payment.

I feel you! I've thought long and hard about this question. I think that between the reflection questions, video training lessons (which often involve me telling you to lay out and interact in specific ways with your Kimochis materials, and give pauses to allow you to try things out), and post-video practice prompts, you'll get a good sense of how to support your students with these tools. While the interactive nature of our in-person Kimochis® Workshops is amazing, the number one comment we get for how to improve the course is to have more time to digest and practice the material. With the on-demand course, you'll get that time! I'm feeling confident that even with the course being online, you'll feel prepared to teach these interactive tools and foster more connection with your students!

Well, for most of it,Ā yes! I'll beĀ walking you through the curriculum guide, showing you different tools, and asking you to practice using the KimochisĀ® materials, including the characters and Mixed Bag of Feelings. So I urge you to purchase your very own Elementary Tool Kit (for Grades 1-5) or find one to borrow for the training, in order to fully benefit from the course.Ā 

Now, even though I urge you to get a KimochisĀ® Tool Kit to really benefit from the Elementary KimochisĀ® On-Demand Course, some people have attended my in-person workshops to see what they think before investing in a Tool Kit, or they just start with a Mixed Bag of Feelings only. I suppose you could do the same, as there are certainly activities here and there that don't require the materials. Please know, though, that I can't guarantee that you willĀ reach all the learner objectives.Ā 

If you need to purchase a Tool Kit, you can head over to Kimochis. Once you get your kit, or borrow one from a colleague, come on back and enroll in the course.Ā 

If you want a mini Kimochis training that doesn't require any materials, then you might enjoy the 10-Day SEL Training SeriesĀ instead.

And if you really do still want to take the full Elementary Kimochis Workshop On-Demand but it isn't in the cards just YET, I'm optimistic you'll be joining me soon enough!Ā  If it helps you get a Tool Kit, check out this information aboutĀ how to navigate the Donors Choose application process to get your kit funded!Ā  Others I've worked with have found success asking their parent group for funding, using LCAP funds (if you're in California), or using Title 1 funds. And if you need some info on the evidence and theoretical background behind Kimochis to support any of your requests, emailĀ [email protected]Ā for a handout you can include.

This course will cover the core components of the Kimochis® program that are included in both the Elementary and Early Childhood curricula. However, in this course, I will have several lessons that are directly tied to using the Elementary curriculum, and all suggestions will be tailored to help you meet the needs of elementary-aged children. If you only have the Early Childhood Curriculum and choose to enroll in this course, please be aware that you won't be able to get the full benefits. There are in-person and virtual (live, but not in-person) training options for the Early Childhood Curriculum. Please check out the in-person training options or email me at [email protected] for virtual options. 

If you work with elementary-aged kids, this can totally help you in your work. About half of everyone I train at my in-person Elementary workshops are in a support position, such as School Counselor, School Psychologist, and more. In the course, I'll definitely be talking about how you can adapt your approach to implementation if you are in one of these roles. 

You are more than welcome to learn everything on your own. AND I guarantee you that you will feel so much more confident and capable of supporting your students' transformation by taking the course.

I can't even tell you how many people have raved about how much more confident they feel in using their Kimochis, and having new tools to use, because of taking the training, even if they've been using the Kimochis on their own for years. 

If the online course isn't your thing, I encourage you to check out the Kimochis® live workshop options. Either way, having training will be such an important part of your success in using these tools

No, CEUs are not available at this time. However, a Certificate of Completion will be granted to you once you complete all of the sessions, and it's up to your professional organization if they will accept this for units.



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