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with the

10-Day Social Emotional Learning

Training Series

with Katie Raher, PhD, PPS

Founder, Constant Love and Learning. Kimochis® Certified Trainer.
Do your kids have big feelings?
And challenging behaviors like interrupting, yelling, grabbing, unkind words, and unkind actions?
Do you keep hearing about Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) being able to help?
Are you feeling curious about what SEL is exactly and why it's so special?
And what are some actual steps you can take to transform behavior and teach your kids to communicate their feelings with more care, kindness, and confidence?
In this pre-recorded 10-DAY TRAINING SERIES, you'll learn what SEL is and how it can transform your classroom, why feelings matter, how feelings and behaviors are connected, and how to use the 7 Kimochis® Keys to Communication to help your students (and you!) communicate feelings with character.
Wait - what in the world are Kimochis (which means "feelings" in Japanese)?! You'll learn that too!

With this Series, You'll Get 1 Year of Access To...

10 Daily Reflections

Questions to Ponder

You'll get a warm-up reflection prompt before each daily video lesson, as well as a post-lesson reflection prompt. These should only take about a minute and will help you connect more deeply with the material.

10 Video Lessons

Short Videos

You'll get a 5-12 minute video lesson for each of the 10 days. You'll learn some powerful new information and tangible Social and Emotional Learning tools to bring into your classroom, school, and life!

10 Practice Prompts

Action Items

To connect with what you've learned in the video, you'll get short "homework" exercises. Doing these will help you see transformation in your classroom. Practice makes better!

What You'll Learn Over the 10 Days of Training:

Day 1:

Introduction: Learn how social and emotional learning will help and why teaching about feelings matters. Start to tune into feelings!

Day 2:

Feeling-Behavior Link: Discover how feelings are connected to behavior, and how the Kimochis® Keys to Communication can help 

Day 3:

Learn How to Use Kimochis® Key to Communication #1:

Get Someone's Attention 

Day 4:

Learn How to Use Kimochis® Key to Communication #2: 

Use a Talking Voice

Day 5:

Learn How to Use Kimochis® Key to Communication #3: 

Use a Talking Face and Body

Day 6:

Learn How to Use Kimochis® Key to Communication #4: 

Choose Helping Words

Day 7:

Learn How to Use Kimochis® Key to Communication #5: 

Redo Hurtful Moments

Day 8:

Learn How to Use Kimochis® Key to Communication #6: 

Be Kind and Let People Try Again 

Day 9:

Learn How to Use Kimochis® Key to Communication #7: 

Assume the Best

Day 10:

Kimochis® Keys to Communication Re-Cap: Put everything into action, plus learn a bit more about Kimochis® tools and resources

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