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Coping Tools for Challenging Times

Grab tons of freebies and low-cost resources to help you and the children in your world manage the many feelings that come with these challenging times!

  • Educator Self-Care Menu
  • Anti-Racism Resources for Educators
  • Self-Compassion Break Printables
  • Kids Feeling Reflection
  • Feelings Scavenger Hunt, and more...
I want the freebies for more well-being for me and my students!

Check out which books on my bookshelf help me and the kids in my world best navigate the messy feelings in our lives so we can become more aware, connected, compassionate, kind, inclusive, responsible, and resilient.

(More lists of my favorite books for different topics to come!)

Show Me Top Books to Nurture Social and Emotional Learning

Kimochis® (which means "feelings" in Japanese) is the most fun, tangible, interactive Social and Emotional Learning program out there and will help you create more confident, connected, and compassionate kids! You can explore the program by grabbing all the free resources (handouts, links to lessons, and more) that Kimochis® has to offer to get you started. If you end up loving what you access (I'm super optimistic you will) and want to learn more about how to use the Kimochis® Keys to Communication and other tools, then head on back over here, since I'm a Kimochis® Certified Trainer and would love to support you with one of my training options!

Take me to the KimochisĀ® website so I can grab their FREE resources

Free Educator Self-Care Menu

You are so passionate about making children's lives better, and this field has its challenges that can leave your cup feeling empty! This menu will help you prioritize your own well-being and better fill up your cup, so you can create the kind of impact on your students (and even your own kids) that you've always envisioned.

This menu has a sampling of 71 possible self-care practices to nourish your body, mind, heart, soul, relationships, and work well-being. This freebie also includes an exercise to help you establish self-care habits that stick.

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