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Constant Love and Learning

Please let me know if there are other anti-racist resources that would be good additions to this list for educators. Please also let me know if I have made a mistake in how I'm advocating for anti-racism. I know I always have a lot to learn. You can contact me HERE.

I also wanted to share my many free tools to support your anti-racism work through Social and Emotional Learning (including tools to aid in self-awareness, navigation of big feelings, social awareness, relationship building, nonviolent communication, and ethical and moral decision making) and Educator Well-being (as needed to continually show up and make radical changes in the lives of children). 

Free Well-being Tools from Constant Love and Learning

Radical Educator Self-Care for Radical Change

Be sure to take care of yourself as you do this work so you can SUSTAIN this work for the long haul! Check out my latest blog and thoughts on this HERE