Meet Our Founder, Dr. Katie

& Hear How Constant Love and Learning Came to Be

I have a vision. Imagine if... 

  • Your students felt understood and deeply conected to you, and therefore were fully engaged and could benefit more from your instruction.
  • Your students knew how to communicate their feelings and navigate conflict, with resilience, courage, and kindness.
  • You had someone who helped you explore what’s going on with the children that are puzzling you, while honoring your expertise and strengths in the process.
  • You had someone guiding you in developing systems rooted in research and equity and customized to the unique needs of this year’s group of kids.
  • You had someone in your corner, making sure you take care of YOU, so you can better handle the emotional demands of this job. 
  • You could leave the parking lot every afternoon feeling far more fulfilled than frustrated.

Now, I know, I know. Depending on the school climate and inequities where you work, these might seem like some lofty visions. I've been there. I've felt all the frustration, overwhelm, and exhaustion of teaching. And to tell you the truth, if you'd told me to imagine these things back then, I probably would have laughed at you. And cried a little on the inside. My students' lives were beyond hard, with the stark realities of racism and poverty affecting so many aspects of their worlds. The inequities in school funding and resources were ever present in my school and district. And then there was of course just the regular adversity involved in teaching. Teaching was one of the biggest challenges of my life.

I'm not laughing at these ideas any more, though, because I've helped hundreds of passionate educators - even when feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and exhausted - turn these visions into reality.

And I'm optimistic that you can get closer and closer to turning these into reality too…

With a little support, and some new, empowering tools and ways of thinking about your work.

That's why I'm here!

So what's the story?



After my naive notions of teaching got rocked to the core nearly 20 years ago, and an educational coach restored my faith in what was possible in the classroom with solid support, I decided that empowering other educators was going to be a huge part of my path. 

I also decided that with the limited time and resources we have in education, that I was going to work in the areas that were the most powerful. Most bang for your buck is kind of my jam. So, in all my different roles - educational consultant, professional development facilitator, school psychologist, teacher educator, and researcher - I became an advocate for prevention rather than reaction. Think systems and strategies that set kids and schools up for success rather than putting out fires and slapping on band-aids down the road. 

One of those strategies is Social and Emotional Learning (SEL). Identifying and managing emotions, having empathy for others, fostering positive relationships with self and others, and making responsible decisions are key to children's well-being and success in all areas of learning. After trying several SEL programs over the years, I found Kimochis® (which means "feelings" in Japanese), and I fell in love. The highly engaging, tangible, interactive Kimochis®  materials and tools help children connect with themselves and others, and develop core SEL competencies, in magical ways. 

After many years of experiencing the Kimochis® magic in my work (and life), and being mentored by the amazing Ellen Dodge, Curriculum Author and Education Director, I became a Kimochis® Certified Trainer in 2016.

I feel excited to share my love for Kimochis® tools with you. 

Is there more to the story?

There's almost always more to the story. In my case, "crazy-busy" has been an unfortunate mantra through most of my career in education. Working ridiculous hours to be the do the best possible work for my students and the teachers I perfectionistic standards. Add in the demands of motherhood, and you have a recipe for disaster. On my very, very long to-do list, I was last. Actually, I didn't even make the list. Chronic headaches were my body's way of telling me I shouldn't neglect myself anymore, but I didn't take the hint. My students' lives seemed far harder than mine. And my own kids' needs were intense. So I thought, suck it up and deal. Work harder, push through.

My health got worse and worse. I even lost my voice for a month. Yes, a whole month. Imagine running meetings, working with students, and raising two young children without a voice.  

And then... physical and mental health crash and burn. Chronic illness taking hold. So, at that point, I was forced to put myself at the top of my to-do list. I finally started to tune in and really listen to my body and soul

As much as my emotions around putting myself first were (and still are) messy, self-care felt great. I noticed how much more present I was in my work and home, how much more I could handle all the challenges, how much better I was able to connect with others, because I'd finally connected with myself.

As I continued to consult with and coach educators, I started to notice how much their burnout, their self-neglect was getting in the way for them too. I realized that educators taking care of themselves was a huge missing layer of how we can best support the students we love so much.



And that's the story of how my passion for educator well-being and radical self-care was born. 

I'm here now to share all the tricks and tips I've learned along my journey of being an educator, mama, woman with chronic illness, and most recently self-care warrior.

So you can improve your well-being, and in turn, better support the well-being and success of your students (and even your own kids if you're a mama like me). 


I'm also...

Married to an equally passionate fellow educator (high school math teacher yay)

Mama to two vastly different kiddos, who give me a daily run for my money and have been my greatest teachers, making me a far more compassionate and humble educator and human

Lover of the beach, breathwork, dance parties in the kitchen or pretty much anywhere, all things Bréne Brown, mellow yoga, watching sports and theater, card games, and reading about all things related to child development, education, social justice, personal growth, and well-being!

If you're feeling CURIOUS about a sampling of

my relevant professional experience and credentials...

  • Pause Certified Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator (since 2022)
  • Kimochis® Certified Trainer: Elementary, Early Childhood, Schoolwide, Mental Health, Parent Education (since 2016)
  • PhD and MA in Education, with a Specialization in School Psychology, from UC Berkeley
  • California Pupil Personnel Services Credential in School Psychology
  • Over 20 years in education and 15 years of facilitating consultation, coaching, and professional development supporting teachers, administrators, and school-based mental health professionals in being better equipped to implement multi-tiered intervention plans using evidence-based tools and strategies that support children’s social-emotional, behavioral, and academic success
  • Part-Time Prevention-Focused School Psychologist - who also serves as an administrator - in a School District in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Coordinated an Early Childhood Behavioral Wellness Team
  • Developed a preschool-specific Student Success Team guide 
  • Developed a district-wide Section 504 Procedural Manual 
  • Received a Spencer Research Training Fellowship, UC Berkeley
  • Received a UC Berkeley Center for Child and Youth Policy Dissertation Award
  • Conducted research and facilitated professional development as part of several early literacy projects and initiatives
  • Voted Teacher of the Year, Lincoln Elementary, Greater New Orleans Area, 2004
  • Served as Chair of an Elementary School PBIS Leadership Team
  • BA in Human Development from UC San Diego

Stories with Positive Feelings

One of Katie’s strengths is that she can analyze a situation or problem that is happening in the classroom and match it with a potential solution that might remedy the problem. I like the way Katie is flexible and has so many different ideas and ways to work with a student or a classroom.

Katie’s ability to relate to people and working knowledge of how a child’s brain develops, combined with her warmth and nurturing personality, are her greatest strengths!

Katie is insightful and honest in a way that totally disarms you. She says it like it is with such courageous vulnerability, it always makes me feel more courageous too- like it’s safer to be me, really me. Anyone who gets to work with her would be lucky to do so. But I must advise you, there is no pretending with Katie. She will be on you and call you out the moment she smells inauthenticity. You are in good hands and I celebrate your choice in receiving her support.

The training was relevant, useful, meaningful, and easy to follow. I almost always have a suggestion for every trainer I’ve ever had throughout my whole career. Today my only suggestion for you Katie...Keep on being YOU!

K-5 Intervention Teacher


K-5 Intervention Teacher


A must see and go! I loved learning how to use tools with all students and how to adapt. And I loved how Katie tied it in with academic gains. I want to invite my own daughter’s principal and counselor to the next training!

Elementary Principal


Elementary Principal


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