From FatiguED to FulfillED: The VIP Experience 

From FatiguED to FulfillED: The VIP Experience 

You Can Get Even Deeper Transformation

When You Upgrade to the VIP Experience and Take Your Journey to the NEXT LEVEL

The FatiguED to FulfillED VIP Experience includes…

  • THREE additional 30-minute sessions of LIVE group coaching from Dr. Katie, Founder of Constant Love and Learning, for hands-on implementation Zoom calls to ensure you’re taking action and making significant progress daily, held right after our daily FatiguED to FulfillED teachings ($297 Value)

  • ONE 30-minute live session with a Special Guest for additional mindset and movement work, to further catapult your shifts, held right after day 3 of FatiguED to FulfillED ($97 Value)

  • A Fun Friday event with a Special Guest who will lead the VIPs in our very own private session of Zumba - follow along or do you through freestyle - to move all the emotions through and anchor in the FulfillED feelings ($97 Value)

  • Lifetime Access to Recordings of the Daily Teachings PLUS Group Coaching and Special Guest Calls ($97 Value)

  • Outline of the 5-day mini retreat, which can be used to easily facilitate a mini retreat with colleagues in your own school, AND mapping of the CASEL core competencies to help you advocate for this kind of work because of how it supports Adult SEL ($97 Value)

  • Capacity to submit your questions for Live Q&A, coaching, and insights from Dr. Katie, and get feedback and collaborative reflection from other VIP members (priceless)

  • Immediate and Lifetime Access to the Constant Love and Learning Restoration Pack for Educators, which includes 10 quick and easy restorative practices and scripts PLUS 10 powerful guided meditations ($97 Value)

  1. Quick Body Scan and Grounding Practice + script
  2. Alternate Nostril Breathing Practice + script
  3. Vagal Toning Practices + script
  4. Eye Health Exercises for Screen Strain + script
  5. 4-7-8 Breathing Practice + script
  6. Heart Coherence Within Practice + script
  7. Heart Coherence Through Connection Practice + script
  8. Simple Mindful Movement Practice + script
  9. Simple Gratitude Giving Practice + script
  10. Simple Centering Practices + script
  11. Guided Visualization of Growth
  12. Whole Educator Tune-In Meditation
  13. Loving Kindness Meditation
  14. Body Scan Meditation
  15. Self-Compassion Meditation
  16. Heart-Centering and Mantra Meditation
  17. Magical Morning Meditation
  18. Progressive Muscle Relaxation Meditation
  19. Practicing Presence Meditation
  20. Connection to Community Meditation
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